#hike38 – Ouachita National Forest

Location: Ouachita National Forest

Date: 9/23/17

Distance: 7.73

Trails: Old Military Trail to Ouachita National Recreation Trail

Trail Info

I woke up at 3, left by 3:30 and made it to the trail by 7:45.  I had a few stops along the way, but finally got there!  The drive was fantastic – no traffic, pink sunrise over Oklahoma hills, and no traffic…ha.

I parked at the Old Military Picnic area and took the Old Military Trail south.  It started off heading downhill via some large switchbacks.  After about a mile, it met up with the Ouachita Trail.  I headed east and went for couple of miles to Potato Hill Vista.  The trail was mostly up-hill to Potato Hill.  From there, I went a bit more east but turned around as the bugs and my legs were annoying.

I encountered probably fifty big spiders and their webs, walking sticks, horse flies, and various jumping insects.  By far, out of 38 hikes, the most annoying for bugs.  The terrain was one of the most challenging for me, as I live in Texas and our trails are mostly flat.  On my return trip, I encountered 10 people – which was much less than expected.

The forest consists of a mix between mostly oak and pine.  The pines are always a treat.  I would like to go back and hike a bit more when it cools down a bit more and bugs go dormant.  Highly recommend this trail for anyone in TX-OK-AR area.


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